There's Something Fishy About Brexit

Systems Not In Place For Exporters

Posted by Gary Smith on Jan 17, 2021

Dominic Raab said on Marr this morning that the fish exporting problems are nothing to do with Brexit.

From my investigation on the government website this morning it seems the systems are not in place.

Here's the problem: To export fish you need a catch certificate, and you get that from the Fish Export Service 'when it becomes available'.

So...... you can't export.

Here's what I found:

Take a look for yourself. All images taken from the website at 17th January 2021, 11am.

1) You need a catch certificate:


Catch certificate needed


So click through to that page ( and it says:

At the top:

Get a catch certificate - gov website


It says to use the Fish Export Service to create a UK catch certifiate. And underneath that it says you can't do that until the Fish Export Service is available...


Catch certificate needs Fish Export Service, when available


So looks like to me they can't export anything because of Brexit's new rules because the government systems are not in place...

Gary Smith, 17th January 2021 11AM

All images correct at time of going to press.