A Homeless Man Tried To Kiss Me Today

Live from the street

Posted by Gary Smith on May 28, 2020

Now, I don't know for a fact he WAS homeless, the authorities have seemingly given accomodation to all the rough sleepers for the pandemic so technically he wasn't anyway (walked into Cardiff centre couple of nights ago and there were no rough sleepers at all, brilliant), but my guess was, pre pandemic, he was.

All I can report with certainty, from here on the street, was that his teeth were bad.

That and he tried to kiss me.

If you were wondering, his breath didn't smell bad at all which did surprise me...

... even though our lips didn't touch.

But they almost did.

Smellwise he just smelled of alcohol, which was fine because he was drinking a beer. It was about 5 in the afternoon. Our brief flirtation, man hug, whatdoyoucallthissortofthinganyway, happened on the Cowbridge Road, Cardiff.

I was walking by myself. I saw him ahead of me on the path the other side of the road. He was on his own. He seemed to be stretching like he had just gotten out of bed when I first laid eyes on him. It was a beautiful sunny day. He was shirtless. I was shirtless. We were shirtless brothers - there is a bond when it gets sunny between us shirtless boys, especially us sexy ones, and this homeless guy was not unattractive. He saw me. He smiled and shouted across the road.

Then he decided to come over the road to hug me.

He told me I was sexy. He was lighter than me. The same height. He put his arm around my shoulder and moved in for a kiss. I put my hand on his right shoulder to keep him away. It was all very light and jokey. Went on for a couple of minutes. A police car went past, completely ignoring this blatant breach of the social distancing, we probably looked like lovers. He asked me my first and second name. I told him. I asked him his and didn't hear what he said. He then walked off.

I remember a time when that sort of thing happened all the while. Here's hoping we get back to that again before too long.

The Pandemic continues.

Gary Smith, 28th May 2020