The Other One: Cardiff, California

Surfing Hotspot, Cardiff-By-The-Sea

Posted by Gary Smith on May 18, 2020

Cardiff-by-the-sea, California. Bing Maps

The Spanish colonised the area in 1769. The first settlment was by Hector MacKinnon in 1875. Boston developer, painter, J Frank Cullen purchased land from MacKinnon in around 1909 to build housing. In 1986, Cardiff joined with Leucadia, Olivenhain, and Encinitas to form the incorporated city of Encinitas. The last population count was in 2007, 11,533 people lived in Cardiff-by-the-sea.

Mark Gubb, on a trip to the area, told a local newspaper, San Diego Reader, that he had found Cullen's house, pictured here from around 1911.

J Cullen house - 1911

The house today is still standing, it is reported, having been renovated in the 1960s. (article)

Cullen's wife, Esther, pursuaded him to name the community Cardiff-by-the-sea. She was a native of Cardiff, Wales, there is some speculation that had she not interviened it would have had a Spanish name. There are also streets called Birmingham, Oxford, Chesterfield, Liverpool and Manchester.

Today the area is a popular surfing destination.

Cardiff Beach Sunset

Sunset at Cardiff-by-the-sea, San Diego

Cardiff-by-the-sea California - drone shots over head

Three recent local newspaper stories

2020 Encinitas Arts Alive exhibit now on display on Coast Highway throughout Encinitas (Arts event changed due to covid distancing restrictions.)

Commissioners support proposal to allow Cardiff restaurant to deliver beer with pizza

Cardiff Mustangs girls competitive soccer team moves into state semi-finals

Gary Smith, 18th May 2020