Isolation Humour From Social Media Part 1

Twitter And Facebook Hilarity

Posted by Gary Smith on Mar 31, 2020

Feel good social media jokes and performances are growing. We are in day 10 of lockdown and already the following have appeared.

I'll put the best videos up. Here are the first ten. Starting with a genuine gem from a locked in family in Kent, England.

The Marsh family from Kent originally posted this on facebook. It's a pandemic isolation reworded version of One Day More from Les Miserables. Set to be a classic of the pandemic. Utterly stunning work.

Prince Charles only stayed in isolation for 7 days after getting Coronavirus. It must have been a mild Corona... cue song...

This guy sings. Not safe for the office office, but you're probably in the home office. So...

Love the look of despair Bianca gives to camera after she has finished making her hot chocolate. This guy is an Italian football commentator, commentating on her making the cup of chocolate.

We stay in Italy for two brothers playing Coldplay on their violins.

Well, if you can't get out of the house what is a parkour guy to do? He stays safe inside the house. Like a champ.

Sesame Street does social distancing.

It's Mallorca and the police are there to entertain if the locals are in their houses.

And this comedian is sending out a joke a day. This is a good one...

Gary Linekar tweeted this early on. All sports have been cancelled so sports lovers need to get their fun from other things. Like this incredible marble race. Pick your colour and here we go...

Gary Smith 31st March 2020