COVID-19: Have 50% of the population had it?

Pandemic Poser

Posted by Gary Smith on Mar 26, 2020

Calm down.

I don’t mean have 50% of the population HAD IT.

 I mean have they already had it.

Had the virus.

Not had it like all their buckets are about to be kicked.

I’ve had it. I haven’t been tested, but I’ve had it.

I had symptoms late January, early February, that today I would think was COVID-19 if I had them now.

My eyes felt like they were popping out of my head. I had to get something. I was even prepared to pay Co-Op prices for the Optrex, I was that desperate and weak.

My chest felt restricted like I was about to have a heart attack. Breathing felt a little harder. Nothing to call a doctor about, just something amiss, like I’d done too many reps of a new chest exercise and my body was telling me I’d done too much.

I felt a bit achier than normal too, come to think about it.

It passed in a couple of days.

So now I’m pretty sure I am immune. So all this social distancing for me isn’t necessary, unless you mind of course. Not that you were reading me 6 feet away anyway, were you.

Can’t we have a pub opened for all us survivors? Once this test is out that can tell if we’ve had it it’s party time for us survivors I say.


Have you noticed that the media aren’t calling this coronavirus any more? It’s Covid-19 now.

Coronavirus is a global term for a number of conditions.

Regular flu is a coronavirus.

As is camel flu.

I did some reading online about camel flu.

Almost 1000 people have died from it in the Middle East, mostly Saudi Arabia, since 2012.

Nobody is sure how the camels give it to humans, but you seem to have to be quite intimate because catching it from a human who has it is thought to be rare outside of a hospital.

78% of those who get it are men.

There is no vaccine for camel flu and The WHO advises people to wash their hands to avoid getting it too. That and avoid camels, probably.


Meanwhile in Cardiff this sign appeared outside a locked down pub. Happy Days postponed.

Humour during the Covid-19 Pandemic, The Woodville Pub, Cardiff

Text and Picture, Gary Smith 26th March 2020