This is why I got suspended on Twitter

Don't mention the war

Posted by Gary Smith on Feb 19, 2020

So, I was suspended for 12 hours on Twitter yesterday because someone, or ones, complained about my language.

OK, OK. I called someone a 'patronising cunt'. He deserved it. But that was only one of the two tweets mentioned in the suspension.

This was the other one.

Twitter 12 hour suspension February 2020 one of the tweets

Someone complained to Twitter because I used the word 'idiots'. Pathetic.

Let me tell you the full story.


It all began when someone tweeted this:

Was this written by a Nazi?

The response was why do you automatically say it was a Nazi who said that when we mention Germans?

I didn't answer. I asked again who said it. Clearly there are charities in Germany today, it's a normal country today. The quote there makes it sound like they don't have charities and their government does everything. That is ridiculous. But that is how the pile on read it too.

Turns out the German who said it was Have I Got News For You regular Henning Wehr. He's a London based, German stand-up comic, and very funny whenever I have seen him on television.

The pile-on wanted to use the quote as an example of how Germany is better than the UK as they don't have charities, their government does everything.

This is a massive sense of humour failure on the pile-on participants.

And why I called them idiots...

And someone reported me for the 'idiots' tweet...

I obviously was not told who complained. But @Comedians4EU had blocked me when I got back in. I promptly blocked everyone in the tweet.

So beware on Twitter. They try to get you blocked for using the word 'idiots' these days. There is no shame.

Gary Smith 19th February 2020