How To Be A Flat Earther

Things You Should Say

Posted by Gary Smith on Nov 18, 2019

You live on a globe spinning unbelievably fast in space.

There is a movement, it believes it is growing, that says you don't.

They say you live on a flat disk around which all the planets and sun move.

Some say there is a dome on top of this Flat Earth. Well, most Flat Earthers do. But the rest don't. There is a split in the movement on that point.

Flat Earthers have organised themselves to such an extent that they have conferences which look quite well attended if you take a look at the Netflix documentary Behind The Curve. That was filmed in 2017.

So what beliefs do you need to have to fit in with the flat earth crowd?

Here are my favourites:

1) All the experts thought the world was flat for 4000 whole long years. They've only recently changed their minds. It is true that Aristarchus of Samos (310 – 230) BC said the Earth moved around the sun, but it wasn't until Nicolaus Copernicus (1473-1543) came along that anybody gave the theory any weight, after a fashion.

2) Antarctica is the outside wall of the flat world. It is a giant ice wall that nobody can cross. Who owns it? Nobody does. How realistic is that? Not at all. You would think one of the oil companies would have bought it by now, but they haven't. This is the clearest evidence of a conspiracy. And the signs up that says you will be shot dead if you go into it are the icing on the conspiracy cake. They're trying to scare you to stop you from finding out the truth. (Behind The Curve).

3) Have you noticed how, when astronauts go on walk about into space, they never take their cameras and do a 360 degree camera shot? Never done it. Why not? Because it will show the truth that there is a dome above the earth and shatter the conspiracy they don't want you to know about. (Mark Sargent says this in the Behind The Curve documentary.) Editor: While we're on the subject, why do they call it a walk in space when all they do is float about and bob? I think we should be told.

4) That picture of the world NASA put out isn't even a real photo. It's either a composite of a number of photos or even a painting. There's even a guy on youtube who said he did it. Math Powerland claims he did it (CGI artist).

5) If the earth was a globe you would expect flights from Australia to South America would be really quick and easy. But they aren't. They are long and horrible. This is because the earth is flat and you have to go a long way around. If it was a globe you would be able to zip across. (Mark Sargent.)

6) Water lies flat so how can it be on a globe - it would all pour off. Must be on a flat surface.

7) Nobody can prove gravity exists and that is essential to the globe earth model because if not what keeps everything from flying off? You see it's all rubbish. It must all be flat or we'd careerer off into space. Drops Flat Earth mic.

This is Mark Sargent's early Flat Earth explanation to all beginners. It has now been watched over a million times. You will have to have watched this video if you want to be a Flat Earther.

Gary Smith 18th November 2019