A disastrous start to the election 2019 campaign for the Tories

Day One: Tory Meltdown

Posted by Gary Smith on Nov 6, 2019

Today, the Conservative Party has been acting exactly, in every single way, like OJ Simpson in that Naked Gun movie when he's killed and he keeps making it more painful and worse for himself as he dies.

The only difference being that OJ was innocent, but all the Tories today were not.

Starting with the poshest Conservative in the kingdom, Jacob Rees-Mogg.

Jacob is sure he knows exactly how people living in tower blocks can escape fires. He knows this because he is a leader of men with the common sense of a leader of men (according to Andrew Bridgen, below).

Jacob would have done exactly the opposite of what he had been told to do in an emergency by the firebrigade and all in a well pressed suit, presumably with his well presented family walking behind chatting amiably as the flames roared around. Not a hair out of place as he reached ground outside and barely a whiff of perspiration on his glasses.

Andrew Bridgen, a Conservative, explained why Jacob knows so much about fire fighting in tower blocks.

Jacob's been out of the media spotlight since apologising profusely.

The Conservatives also got themselves into trouble after editing an interview on Good Morning Britain with Labour's Sir Keir Starmer. Initially the Conservatives said they did it to edit it for time, but later went on to suggest they were being satrical. James Cleverly was doing the media circuit defending what had happened.

This is the full Conservative Party video with the editing in it:

This is GMB reporting the issue with both clips played side by side

Politics Joe edits a James Cleverly video to hilarious effect

Whilst on his rounds, James Cleverly fell out with Kay Burley on her new Sky News Breakfast show. She empty chaired him. It looks like Kay's show hadn't been put on his official itinerary, but Kay and her team apparently got some sort of a verbal agreement that he would turn up. But he didn't. He was in the building but set to appear on LBC and there were reports of Kay shouting at him.

The Conservatives also suffered their first ever (according to the BBC) resignation of a cabinet member during an election campaign. Alun Cairns resigned after it was shown that he had lied. Mr Cairns claimed he was unaware that evidence given by his aide, Ross England, helped collapse a rape trial. But a special aide was revealed by the BBC to have told him about it in August last year.

Labour's woes came in the form of the standing down of their deputy leader Tom Watson. Analysis of why he would go now (he wants to be a gym instructor amongst other things, apparently) was everywhere. Time will tell. Jeremy Corbyn was out on the campaign trail with Beth Rigby on Sky News , telling her that he had agreement with Europe to extend the leaving date again to enable renegotiation of a deal within 3 months and a referendum within 6 months.

And finally

Social media picture of the day

Matt Hancock with cock and an arrow to him. Hilarious

Gary Smith 6th November 2019