About theVoice ofReason.com

Journalism, data, disasters (not necessarily in that order)

theVoiceofReason.com came to the world as a satire site in 1999. It was an idea from college. During the George W Bush years I gave him every single satirical barrel I had. He was great copy. A bumbling fool who got flustered easily. It was difficult to consider there could be a more useless president. And today I think he's still got it over Trump.

I had my fun back then, met some great people along the way, we fought, fell out, and moved on. But today it's a new dawn.

theVoiceofReason.com is now a real journalism site. I'm fancying concentrating on disasters in all walks of life. I'll try to make it entertaining, use my satirical voice when I can, when it's appropriate. Use my new found data journalism skills maybe russle up a D3 chart or two (no hair on my head left to pull.)

The old aim to not be sued continues. Here's to a brave new future.

Gary Smith, July 2019