Nov 6, 2012
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Video Classics:'s Watch'em While They're Up!

A selection of the very best Internet videos - when they're gone they're gone

This section of is a celebration of the best videos we have found on Youtube. As a general rule we won't be putting any video posted in the last year. Our reasoning is if the lawyers are on the case it will probably take about a year for the videos to be removed. But that's not to say the videos we put up won't be removed at some point in the future - so Watch'em While They're Up!". (A quick email to say if they have been removed would be appreciated and I'll take down the links, after trying to find an alternative version.)

Comedy: Taxi - Jim The Psychic - Complete Episode

Comedy: Taxi - Ladka's Cookies - Complete Episode

Comedy: Kenny Everett's Captain Kremmen Parts 1 - 8

TV: BJ And The Bear - Deadly Cargo - Complete

TV: Alias Smith And Jones - Episode 1 (Pilot) - Complete



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