How did they get out of that?

Video Quiz: Watch a cliffhanger from an episode of the cinema serial 'Radar Men from The Moon' and then decide how our heroes could possibly get out of the often death defying situation...

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Cliffhanger From Episode Two (of 11)
Commando Cody and Ted - Radar Men from the Moon

Commando Cody and Ted (picture above, Ted on left) are trapped in a cave by the moon men, who use their ray-gun to melt the rock walls...

Yes, folks: That watery stuff coming at them is molten rock! How can they ever survive this?


1) Cody and Ted run to their left.

2) Cody and Ted run to their right.

3) Cody and Ted split up, one running to the right, the other to the left.

4) A giant eagle fly's in and rescues them.

5) Something else happens.

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