How did they get out of that?

Video Quiz: Watch a cliffhanger from an episode of the cinema serial 'Radar Men from The Moon' and then decide how our heroes could possibly get out of the often death defying situation...

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Cliffhanger From Episode Eleven (of 11)
Commando Cody - Radar Men from the Moon

There's a big punch-up with Commando Cody (picture above) fighting Krog, Graber and Daly...

Oi, Commando Cody, watch out for that big sparkly thing, it looks a bit dangerous... oops... how does he get out of that one?


1) Cody dies, the Moon Men prevail. It's a very short episode...

2) Cody survives. The sparkly dangerous looking door frame thingie was not half as dangerous as we were led to believe...

3) Cody dies. Mechanical implants in his body brings him back to life in an emotional, slightly strange, robotic dancing type disco, ending.

4) Cody survives after receiving emergency medical aid from Ted.

5) Nothing on this list happens.

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