Oct 2011
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Our Favorite Videos On The Web - October 2011

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6 month old baby finds snoring French Bulldog funny...
Photobooth comedy...
Lassi Hurskainen Angry Birds
Jimmy Kimmel - Tug Toner
Party Rock Halloween House
Hot Jumping Beans - Justine Bieber parody
Something this wrong shouldn't feel so right...
Friday redub spoof... Gang Fight
Hitler: iPhone 4S
Quantum Levitation - Hover boards...?
Quantum Levitation - Full explanation
Fanny Chmelar
Mitt Romney redubbed
The old slug on the shoulder then fall into the river stunt...
Epic Rap Battles: Columbus vs Captain Kirk
New York Roller Coaster (2006 YouTube Vintage)
Barats and Bareta do Mattress sale spoof ad
Great Pick Up Lines In Science...
Antelope vs mountain biker
You'll never guess what this is an advert for... ®Keep Walking, Brazil...
Michael Buble's 'Haven't Met You Yet' (original) video, sound rerecorded and redubbed to 'Russian Unicorn'...
Michele Bachman dubbed down...
President Barack Obama dubbed, singing
Rick Perry dubbed
Yo Mama! 90210
Maroon 5 - She Will Be Loved - Acoustic Cover
Occupy Wall Street Protest - MSNBC Report
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