Nov 2011
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Our Favorite Videos On The Web - November 2011

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Aladdin The Comedy - College Humor
Jurassic Park spoof of the Fenton video
It's time to end marriage discrimination...
Brilliant digital action sequence... Brush With Death - CorridorDigital
thepoke satirises the Benton video, top, underneath the original
Buck gets interested in a girl...
Indian and I Know It - LMFAO Parody
Boxer punches himself in the face
Night of the Living Statues
High School Musical lip synch
Amy Winehouse: Our Day Will Come
This must be some sort of CGI effect...
Not Safe For Work - Stop Cutting To The Guy
Jewish - And You Know It - Spoof
Meanwhile on The Onion...
My Strange Addiction: Celebrity Edition with Ben Stiller
Julian Smith - Pie
Messy And I Know It
Awesome Single Man Accapella... Coldplay
Funny Italian Commentary
It's in bad taste but it's a cartoon... and very clever...
Real Life Super Mario
Louis CK - Twitter and Jesus and Conan
George Bush Snr slip up
Halloween Light Show 2011 - This Is Halloween
The Break Up Song (w/ Nanakitty)
Penalty accident of the day - totally fake bro
Herman Cain — A BLR Soundbite
David Blaine - Street Magic - Spoof


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