Jun, 2010
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Our Favorite Videos On The Web - June 2010

The Jersey Shore crew do Twilight, also stars Jimmy Kimmel


Tik Tok - Star Trek
Amazing dancing baby:
Fail of the day: Smoke grenade
Duck faces... (Includes words that rhyme with duck)
Gandalf and the World Cup... Vuvuzela mix...
Hitler and vuvuzela's...
It's World Cup weekend... Waka waka...
The best of the losers on Cops TV...
Free running...
And now for some innocent clapping fun...
BP Coffee Spill Latest...
Another flawless sketch from The Onion:

Incredibly Sexy Firefighter Tragically Dies In Steamy Blaze
Hope this isn't just an ad, but an amazing film nonetheless...
SURRA DE BUNDA - Original - The LOLs start at .37
Another hilarious clip from The Pink Panther film, Steve Martin
Drummer stealing the attention in this over the top performance:
Steve Martin's Inspector Clouseau pronouncing Hamburger
Hugh Jackman sells tea... Liptons song and dance
Amazing double knockout - MMA
Men With Talent - It's an ad but we liked it and it's not sponsored
Best ad ever? Old Spice - The Man Your Man Could Smell Like...
Kitten vs doggie... cute


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