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We put the latest spoof news on the front page of the site when we write it. The stories are then added to Humorfeed for the next day. RSS-XML feed users will receive notification when these stories are added in the feed...


A new feature, real funny news. We find the best stories on the internet and then write them up in our own fast punchy style.


We have spent a lot of time finding, and then digitizing these movies. Public domain comedy is great comedy which is now out of copyright so anyone can use these clips in any way they want. We have some very interesting clips and we intend to build up the best collection anywhere. To date (16th August 2005) we have 10 movies in our collection.


Every month we put up funny horoscopes for the month (currently on a two year rolling reviewed repeat basis). We are considering adding a weekly edition, we could write them daily for a content provider.


A comedy thought for every day of the year...


We have gone through over 10,000 quotes to get 366 of the funniest, wisest quotes on the internet.


Almost 300 movies have been given the benefit of our stick in these sometimes hilarious, mostly accurate, movie reviews.


OK, we're not making many friends in the media in the UK, but we are funny... that's what our readers think anyway... currently one of the most popular purely UK spoof sites...


We are collecting together the funniest jokes in the world.. about 100 jokes so far and counting... all of them a gem...


An attempt at serious reporting here. The JFK Assassination, 911 Conspiracies, The Bible Code, did we ever land on the moon.. controversial opinions all discussed and solved... maybe...


Only the very best comedy links on the internet all in top ten forms... Top Ten Laughs

Not The Winter Olympics Latest News [February]

World Speclusive: Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt Are To Marry[January]

Performances of 'Ding Dong Merrily On High' Carol Put On 'Gloria' Alert [December]

Remakes Of Latest Movie Blockbusters [November]

Department Store Mannequin Assaults Hit All Time High [November]

Night of the Living Dead: The Musical [October]

Top Ten Reasons VHS Still Better Than DVD [September]

Music Industry To Introduce More Aggressive Smoking Like Warnings [August]

Cell Phone Technology Latest: Introducing In-Message™ Audio [July]

Maria Sharapova 'Scream' Cell Phone Ring Tone Now Available [June]

The Laura Bush Joke Book Collection [May]

Buy Your Pirate Copy of Revenge of the Sith Here [April]

Top Ten DVD Easter Eggs They Lied To Us About On The Internet [March]

New Book Reopens Controversy Over Last Resting Place Of One of Hitler's Testicles [February]

Apply Here To Be An Official Wardrobe Malfunction Checker for Super Bowl XXXIX [January]

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