Sherlock Holmes : The Videos

We currently have four Sherlock Holmes movies, all starring Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce. They are all in the public domain, which means you are free to watch them or to download them to your disk. We have moved all of the Sherlock Holmes videos over to our website now where they are in 720x480 size screens.

Dressed To Kill

'Dressed To Kill' is a tale of mystery involving musical boxes each of which has a slight difference in their tune... What can this mean? Sherlock Holmes is soon on the trail and it's a race before Moriarty gets there first! [Link]

Secret Weapon

'Secret Weapon' is set in World War Two. The Nazi's are after Britain's secret... only Sherlock Holmes can stop them and save the day... [Link]

Terror By Night

'Terror By Night' is set on a train. Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson have been hired to guard the 'Star of Rhodesia' on what turns out to be a perilous journey... [Link]

Woman In Green

'The Woman In Green' - a mysterious adventure. How can Sherlock Holmes possibly escape from the hypnotic powers of the Woman In Green...? [Link]

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