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2nd December 2016

Daily Five Video Virals
2nd December 2016

1) Beat Boxer and Baby

2) Boxer Dog does Mannequin Challenge

3) Do I look smarter in these glasses?

4) Man with hairy chest in bikini dances with a pony... eventually...

5) How to teach a baby to climb a fence

Daily Five Video Virals
1st December 2016

1) Animal Magic

2)Think you've got nothing to dance for? Think again...

3) The Matrix and a bottle of water...

4) A goalkeeper scores...

5) Repeat: Granny falls into crib when putting baby in

Motivational Quotes - Conscious Meditations

Click on the link and watch the quotes flash slowly in front of your eyes. This is conscious meditation... sit and relax and read. You can do it anywhere. It's good for any mobile device and desktops too. [More]

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