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The top ten viral video downloads we have seen in May 2005...
9 of the 10 viral videos in our top ten are advertising something (the other one, number 3 in our list, is a spoof ad) all of them are truly funny and original videos (some look extremely expensive) which deliver a laugh every time. The videos can be saved by clicking on the line [Click here for this viral video] PC Users: Right click and Save Target As in windows, or MAC users: Click and hold down the mouse on a link, then choose Download Link to Disk. (We are not being paid by Mazda by the way: We just think they are brilliant movies...)
Dog A puppy discovers a brand new feature on the Mazda 3 Series... [Click here for this viral video (Quicktime)] (Advertisement: 1.6MB
Bear attack Salmon fishing. [Click here for this viral video (WindowsMedia) .asx] Video found on (Advertisement: John West) 0.4MB
Blow Darts [Click here for this viral video (WindowsMedia)] This sounds like it's from a comedy show... Video found thanks to 2.2MB
Now, this is a flexible woman... [Click here for this viral video (Quicktime)] Video found on (Advertisement: Virgin mobile) 1.8MB
Video conferencingVideo conferencing will never be the same again after you've seen this [Click here for this viral video (Quicktime)] Found on (Advertisement: 2.4MB
Parking a car Women drivers... [Click here for this viral video (Quicktime)] ( 1.5MB
Car Wars ad Car Wars - Which kind of car do the babes really go for.. Answer here... [Click here for this viral video (Quicktime)] ( 2.0MB
Brats packed ad Brats packed... Don't try this at home... [Click here for this viral video (WindowsMedia)] ( 2.0MB
This in-car speaker system can make inanimate objects have sex, apparently... [Click here for this viral video (WindowsMedia)] (Advertisement: Blaupunkt) 2.4MB
Car with mustache Mustache... a gently funny movie...[Click here for this viral video (WindowsMedia)] ( 1.9MB
All video hosted by 25 May 2005.
You may need to download a player for these movies. For Quicktime go here. For Windows Media Player go here.
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Note on copyright: The videos being hosted for this feature are not in the public domain, however we are hosting them as we believe the intention of their creators is that they be distributed freely (if this is not the case please e-mail us on the address below). We are unsure as to the origin of the Blow Darts item, but decided to put it up as it is so good. If you own the copyright for this clip (and can prove it), please contact us at and we will remove the video immediately if it was not your intention for this video to be distributed virally.

As with all video being hosted on this site, we reserve the right to remove the videos without notice if demand for them is above our expectations.
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