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April Fools UFO Prank Goes Down Badly As Mayor Fights Aliens

April Fools - Jordan

6th April 2010: A newspaper in Jordan, Al Ghad, caused widespread panic when it printed an April Fools joke on the front page that 10ft tall aliens had landed in UFOs in the town of Jafr, eastern Jordan, reports various internet sources.

The reports said that the landing caused communications in the town to go down, and people fled into the streets. reports that the Mayor, Mohammed Mleihan, called in the troops.

He's now said to be considering suing the newspaper.

"Students didn't go to school, their parents were frightened and I almost evacuated the town's 13,000 residents," Mr Mleihan told the Associated Press.

The BBC says that whilst April Fools stories are popular in the US and UK press, they are unheard of in Jordan.

Managing editor of Al Ghad, Moussa Barhoumeh, apologized for any inconvenience caused, and said they were only having a bit of fun.

In the USA a radio broadcast by Orson Wells of the War Of The Worlds, broadcast October 30, 1938 and performed in the style of a rolling news format (rare at the time), also caused widespread panic.

Al Ghad website still (for 6th April 2010)


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