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Recession Tip Number 1: Save Money On Bills By Faking A Heart Attack

Don't Try This At Home

USA: A 52 year old Milwaukee resident has been charged with attempting to defraud a restaurant, according to a report we have seen on

The charge could result in a 9 month prison sentence, or a $10,000 fine.

The man, who we will not name, apparently tried to avoid paying a cab fare first, and then a couple of weeks later a restaurant bill, by faking a heart attack.

He must have been a good actor because he was taken to hospital both times.

He got away with the cab fare.

He was arrested after his heart attack at the restaurant (he tried to avoid paying $23 for a steak meal at Appleby's) when a doctor at the hospital remembered him...


We will be keeping an eye out for dumb recession money saving tips in the internet news sources...


Story seen on various internet news outlets, 8th July 2008


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