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Is Your Computer Keyboard Dirtier Than Your Toilet Seat?


According to reports we have seen on the internet if you work in an office and people share your computer, your computer keyboard could cause life threatening illnesses.

Which? Magazine, a UK consumer activist organization, tested keyboards in its own offices in London and out of the 33 keyboards it swabbed, one had 5 times the number of bacteria it found on one of its toilet seats. The keyboard was apparently so bad that health and safety officers quarantined it.

Experts claim that colds and even gastroenteritis could be passed on in an office through the keyboard.

Eating food, going to the toilet without washing your hands and sneezing could be to blame.

E.coli, coliforms, staphylococcus aureus and enterobacteria were all found in the tests.

Could Qwerty tummy be the number one sickie excuse in the coming months...?

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