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Real Life Robo Cop, Armed With Water Pistol, Patrols Streets

Bum Bot

Atlanta, USA: The robot, or 'Bum Bot', is a waist-high box type creation with the words "SECURITY" on the side.

It has bright red lights, a spotlight, a video camera and a water cannon.

It is remotely controlled by its owner, who can also speak through the Bum Bot's loudspeaker.

It patrols the streets and has apparently led to a reduction in break-ins in the neighborhood.

A number of neighbors have complained about it, and a number of the homeless on the streets have apparently complained that the bot is 'intimidating'.

The owner, Rufus Terrill, who says he may run for mayor of Atlanta, according to the reports originally seen on the Daily Telegraph, says the Bum Bot will be his Chief of Staff and sit outside his office...



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