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The Best April Fool Pranks 2008

Pranks Galore

Here's a collection of the best and funniest pranks from corporations and individuals we have come across so far...

The BBC provided viewers with a video of what was claimed to be a newly discovered type of flying penguin. The narrator claims: "These penguins don't need to huddle together to keep warm in the winter because they can do something no other penguin can..."

The video [link here] claims the penguins fly thousands of miles to spend the winter in the tropical rain forest, basking in the sun...

Google and Virgin claimed that they were jointly forming a new company called Virgle. The founders of both companies are to lead an expedition to Mars. Readers could apply to join the group on the trip, but to do so they had to answer a 15 question survey, one of the questions is repeated below:

If I was unexpectedly confronted with the emergence of a bewilderingly alien and frighteningly advanced Martian life form which appeared bent on killing me if I failed to quickly and effectively communicate my peaceful intentions and potential value to its civilization, I would:
* Die
* Whip out my handy universal transcorder and start schmoozing my ass off.
* Well, given that there's no such thing as a transcorder that works for a Martian language that we haven't even heard yet, I guess I'd just do my best to seem non-threatening while communicating my peaceful intentions with subtly universal hand gestures.
* Run straight toward the Martian while screaming wildly and brandishing whatever weapon happens to be handy.

Democratic presidential candidate challenger Hillary Clinton challenged Barack Obama to a bowl off to decide who is to run for president. She told reporters:

"A bowling night. Right here in Pennsylvania. The winner take all. I'll even spot him two frames."

Canada's Bob Cummings, VP of Westjet, announced that for just US$12 passengers could sleep in the overhead luggage compartment of the company's fleet of 737's - this is what he said:

"The overhead compartment has traditionally been a place where guests have placed their carry-on baggage."

"Given that the overhead bins on our fleet are among the most spacious of any airline, we made the decision to offer sleeper cabins in that space."

"By offering our existing overhead bins as sleeper cabins, guests will now have the opportunity to lie down for a period of time and arrive at their destination refreshed, rested and ready to go."

Google's GMail reportedly introduced its users to Google Custom Time, a supposed method by which users could send emails back in time using an "e-flux capacitor."

Youtube apparently directed all users to its front page to a video of Rick Astley singing 'Never Gonna Give You Up'.


Well done all.

2nd April 2008


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