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'Driller Healer' Surgeon Uses DIY Drill In Brain Op

Brain Bodge

Ukraine: According to a story we saw reported on Ananova, who spotted it from the Daily Telegraph, a surgeon reportedly used a $60 DIY drill in a brain operation on a fully conscious patient, who survived...

During the operation to remove a tumor from a mans head, the electricity failed in the Ukraine hospital, leaving the battery powered drill from Bosch apparently the only option.

The whole procedure was recorded in a documentary to be shown on British television later in the month.

The patient only received a local anesthetic for the operation so was fully conscious because a local anesthetist could not be found.

The 58 year-old doctor from England attached medical drill bits to the Bosch. He told reporters:

"I'm not recommending that we should all use Bosch do-it-yourself drills in England, but it shows how with improvisation you can achieve a lot."

20th March 2008


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