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Woman Pulls Man's Sack Like A Paper Towel... Guess What Happens Next?

Testicle Tantrum

Liverpool, England: In Europe's Capital Of Culture 2008, a 24 year old woman has just been jailed for two years for pulling a man's left testicle off after (during?) an argument.

The 37 year old man and the 24 year old woman had been in a long term but open relationship. They had ended it but remained on good terms.

On the night of the offense, the woman gave a lift to the man after a party. They returned with others to the man's house for drinks.

An argument started and the two struggled.

The woman reached down into his underpants, grabbed his testicles and "pulled hard". She put the testicle in her mouth. She then is said to have choked and then spat it out into her hand.

In her defense to the court she told them: "I am in no way a violent person."



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