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Gadget Of The Year (So Far): The MP3 Player And Taser Combo

MP3 - Frank Zapper

iTaserWe have just seen a report on the that claims a US company is showcasing a combined MP3 player and Taser at a tech show in Las Vegas.

The MP3 has a 1 gigabyte store.

The Taser has an impressive 50,000 volts of power.

The two lithium batteries apparently have enough power to taser 100,000 people on one charge.

The company that produces it, Arizona-based Taser International, says it:

"allows for both personal protection and personal music for people on the go."

In the USA there are believed to be 160,000 tasers held in private hands.

The iTaser is available in (shocking?) pink, red, black and even leopard skin.

Free tracks supplied on the device probably don't include from artists: Sparks, Frank Zappa, Catrina and the Shockwaves, Electric Light Orchestra, and Ahhhhaaaaaa!



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