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Oxford English Dictionary Is Searching For The First 'Tosser', 'Wally' And 'Prat'

Oxford English Dictionary

According to a report we have just seen on the internet, the Oxford English Dictionary is asking the British public to help them find examples of the first usage of around 40 naughty English terms including 'Tosser', 'Prat', 'Wassock' and 'Wally'.

They are also trying to find out if anyone went 'dogging' before 1993 (dogging is when people have sex outside in a car and other people watch).

Other questions being asked include:

Was 1989 the first time anyone used the term 'the dogs bollocks'?

Is it possible that a couple somewhere coined the phrase 'domestic' for their loud arguments?

Did anyone 'go bananas' before 1968?

Who was a 'plonker' before 1966?

Did you ever say someone was a 'duh brain' before 1997?

Where was the first 'loo'? The phrase seems to go back to only 1940.

Who decided that the name 'Gordon Bennet' is a mild expletive in Britain?

The full list is here.

If you can help them, their web address is



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