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Results Of The Darwin Awards 2006

Natural Deselection

For full details see the website here.

Remember that the Darwin Awards are given to people who aid the gene pool of the human race by killing themselves doing stupid things...

This years first runner up goes to...

A man in Brazil who tried to disassemble a Rocket Propelled Grenade by driving over it in a car.

When this didn't work he got out a sledgehammer and started to hit it...

This worked.

He was killed instantly. Six cars were also destroyed, as was the workshop in which he was working.

The second runner up went to...

Two 21 year olds from Florida, USA. Their feet were found sticking out of a helium filled advertising balloon. They had climbed into the balloon to get high on the helium, unfortunately they died of oxygen starvation.

The winner by votes on the web site, however, seems* to have gone to a 60 year old from England...

He was being treated in hospital for a skin condition. Nurses had told him of the dangers of getting a flame near his skin, which was covered in a paraffin based medication.

The man, however, need a cigarette and took great pains to get out of the ward, through the fire exit, where he lit the cigarette up.

He managed to finish the cigarette... However, when he went to stub out the butt with his heel, the paraffin on his skin ignited. He died of first degree burns.

* Seems because the site didn't actually say who the winner was at the time of writing this. Ananova reported that it was the two 21 year olds who won...

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