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Burlington Liar's Club Announce Lie and Liar Of The Year, 2006


According to the Burlington Liar's Club, allegedly set up in 1929, this was the biggest lie of the year:

"There are three kinds of people in the world; those who are good at math, and those who are not"

The winner, and thus liar of the year, is named as James Wilberg, of Franklin, Wisconsin.

Earlier lie of year years, from other unnamed liars, included:

2005: "My son's high school grades went from all As to all Ds. This happened right after he had his wisdom teeth extracted."

2004: "We had so much rain during the spring and summer seasons, there were puddles on the lake."

2002: "When I moved to Iron Mountain, Michigan, I brought my pet sheep. He grazed on the mineral rich grass. When it came time to shear it in the spring, I ended up with nine pounds of steel wool."

2000 Paraphrase: A couple saw the sign 'clean restrooms ahead'. Two months after leaving Wisconsin the liars said they had cleaned 450 restrooms, requiring 270 rolls of toilet paper, 3 cases of toilet cleaner, 86 bottles of Windex...

1952: "One night in July I heard the door open and I saw two mosquitoes. They stood nearly six feet tall and, I was too terrified to move. I hear one of them say 'Do you think we should eat him here?' The other replied: 'Let's eat him here. If we carry him home the big mosquitoes will take him away from us."'


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