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Danger: Topless Women In Parks

Swinging Sting

It's a nice sunny day... you are out walking in the park...

You see an attractive woman sunbathing with her top off.

You say hello.

You strike up a conversation...

... it seems to be going well...

... she even playfully puts her feet on your shoulder.

She asks to see your private parts...

... it's going really well...?

You show her.

She's working for the police.

You're under arrest, you pervert.

This is an actual incident that happened in Berliner Park in Columbus, Ohio, USA, May 2007.

It's all part of an undercover entrapment sting as the authorities there try to catch 'perverts' and men masturbating in the park.

The guy convicted ($250 fine, 1 year probation) was a 42 year old off-duty firefighter. He is currently on paid desk duty while the fire department carries out an investigation into him. So we assume he could lose his job over it.

We wont name him because even though he was convicted in a court of law we think the conviction sucks.


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