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Dead Mouse Pulled From Christmas Cracker

Festive Screaming

New Zealand: We've all found bad jokes in Christmas crackers through the years:

"How do you know when an elephant has been in your fridge? Foot prints in the butter."

"What time is it when you have to see a Chinese dentist? Tooth-hurty (Two thirty)."

But how many have pulled an actual bad mouse from a cracker?

That was what happened to a family in South Island city Invercargill, New Zealand.

The story we saw, reportedly from the Southland Times, claims that a woman asked a younger relative "What's that smell?"

But they only found out what it was when the girl opened a Christmas cracker and pulled out what she initially thought was a soft toy.

It was actually a dead, decaying, mouse.


Christmas pud and trifle anyone?


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