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Cider Drinking Pensioner Warned Of Flatulence Problem

Old Farty Fart

England: A social club in Devon have written to one of their members (who we will not name*) after it was claimed that he repeatedly upset other members with his flatulence problem...

It is reported that the 77 year-old liked nothing better than to lift his rear end off the chair to let a loud rip fly.

Matters came to a head, it appears, after he farted in earshot of a visiting all female darts team.

The BBC reports that management of the club have now written to him to complain of his disgusting behavior.

He's been told to go outside to break wind in future.

He claims that his wind problem has improved after he stopped drinking cider...


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* does not name ordinary people who have not been convicted of an offense when they end up in national newspapers like this.


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