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Best Creative Sentencing Punishments Seen On The Internet (Inc Wearing Chicken Suit)

"A Police Officer Is Not A Pig"

Given the choice, after you have stolen from a local store, would you rather go to jail for 30 or 60 days, or parade outside the store with a sign saying 'I stole from a local store" for two hours?

We won't name the woman wearing this sign because she isn't rich and famous, but she was convicted after acting as lookout for a friend who stole children's clothes from a Walmart.

It is reported, by the AP, that Putnam county judge Peter Miller has come up with more than 600 similar creative sentences. (They must also pay a $294 fine, perform 25 hours of community service and 6 months probation.)

Only three of the sign carriers go on to commit another offense in Putnam county, it is claimed.

Other creative sentences we have seen include:

Three men have to wear chicken suits and a sign saying "There is no chicken ranch in Painesville" after they were caught in a prostitution sting.

Teens who yelled 'pig' at police officers had to stand on the streets with a pig and a sign "This is not a police officer."

A wife beater in Harris County, Texas, had to take up yoga classes to control his anger.


Legal experts say that the sentences are legal, because they are judged to be less cruel than sending the defendants to jail.

11th November 2007

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