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'Fly SUX' - Airport To Keep Three Letter Identifier

Does SUX suck?

Los Angeles International is LAX.

JFK Airport New York is JFK....

Sioux Gateway Airport's identifier is SUX (presumably the person or committee who gave it to them in the first place didn't like them very much).

Certainly someone in the Federal Aviation Administration is having a laugh as they one time offered to change the identifier to GAY, according to website

In fact the FAA have offered five other identifiers in total:

  • GWU,
  • GYO,
  • GYT,
  • SGV
  • and GAY

But despite petitions to change the name from SUX in 1988 and 2002, the airport has now decided to keep the name and a marketing campaign with Fly SUX on T-shirts have been printed...


We suppose there isn't an airport with the FUX identifier...


23 October 2007

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