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New York Woman Saved By Bending Over To Pick Up A Spoon

Real Life '24'

According to reports, New York state resident Joy Horton, 73, bent over to pick up a spoon the other day.

While she was bent over, an explosion apparently flattened her house.

The reports we saw on, quoting an AP source, don't say how long she was bent over before the explosion happened.

But the thing is that while she was bent over to pick up this spoon her house was flattened.

She was reasonably uninjured in the explosion, thanks it is thought to the fact that she was bent over.

The 73 year-old managed to crawl out from underneath the rubble. It is reported that the kitchen sink and counter top shielded her from the falling debris.

It is not known what caused the explosion.


25th August 2007


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