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German Woman Had Pencil Stuck In Head For Over 50 Years

Pencil Patient

There once was a little girl called Margret who got a pencil stuck in her head.

(This is not a funny funny real news story, this is a funny peculiar news story.)

The reports we saw on Ananova, quoting the BBC, don't say how this actually happened.

The German girl was just 4 years of age. The year: 1952.

Surgeons removed a large part of the pencil at the time, but decided it was too dangerous to operate because the pencil was lodged too close to the brain.

They left a 2.1cm portion of the pencil embedded in soft tissue behind her nose.

For years she suffered nosebleeds and headaches until, now, 59 years of age, medical advances meant they could take a calculated risk and remove it.

She's doing well and no longer has headaches and is getting her sense of smell back too...


11th August 2007


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