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40 Year Prison Sentence Reduced To 4 Years By Clerical Error, He Gets Released...

Bar Shock

United States, Houston: You have, a couple of years ago, lived through the trauma of a guy shooting you in the head.

He gets jailed for 40 years.

You are starting to get your life back...

Maybe going out to a bar like you used to do before the incident...

Then, just 4 years later, the guy who shot you in the head turns up in a bar and tries to apologize to you...

That's what happened to Willie Joe McAdams' victim last week.

McAdams was quickly re-arrested...

He still has 36 years of his sentence left to serve. He is due for parole in 16.

The mistake reportedly happened when a clerk made an error when McAdams was transferred. They typed in 4 years in the sentence field on their computer... not 40.



Story seen on the Associated Press 23 July 2007.


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