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Get A Free Scratch Card At Our Garage: Everyone's A Winner!

Card Confusion

Imagine it.

You get a free scratch card from your local garage, the top prize is $1000.

The scratch card says you have a 50,000:1 chance of winning.

You scratch.

You win!

OK, it's only $1000 but life has never been this good.

You have never won anything like this before in your life.

You go to collect your prize.

Sorry, sir, ma'am, there was an error in the production of the cards...

It turns out that every one of the 50,000 cards was a winner.


This happened at a Roswell car dealership.

And we assume there is some small print somewhere that says they don't have to pay up, either...

The manager of the car dealership was really sorry and has offered a $5 Walmart voucher to all visitors with a card...

The events promotions company was blamed for the foul up...


Story seen on 23 July 2007.


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