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Interactive TV Quiz Scandal In UK Grows... Try To Answer These Hilarious Questions

Quiz Quandary

The UK never had an equivalent of the Payola scandal they had in the USA in the 1950's, but it's going through one now, and if people weren't being ripped off out of millions of pounds it would be hilarious.

It's becoming clear that interactive television quizzes have been ripping people off for years and the penny is starting to drop...

The shows get people to phone in, charging them anything up to £1.80 a time (about $3.60) to answer questions which sometimes are impossible to answer... these two classic examples below. These are genuine examples of the rip off interactive quizzes recently highlighted in a BBC Panorama investigation into it (broadcast 23rd April 2007).

As part of the fun click on the pictures to see the answer.

Click here to see the answer
To win £2000 simply find the animal in this grid... Solution
Click here to see the answer
To win a prize, call in to guess the occupation that starts with an A in this grid... (Apparently someone actually got Alchemist but let that one go...) Solution
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