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The Best April Fools Jokes We Heard, 2007

1st April 2007

With April Fool's Day falling on a Sunday this year, it seems that nobody was safe...

The best one we have so far seen:

A radio station in Scotland - Real Radio - tried to convince its listeners that it was Monday and that they had slept through Sunday.

The others:

The Independent newspaper announced that there was a craze for growing your own winter heather, from which Viagra could be extracted.

New Zealand: Christ Church cathedral is to be pulled down due to structural damage. The site has been bought by a Russian businessman.

Ebay added a whole new section to it's home page with the following offerings:

o Cow Licks
o Flying Carpets
o Happiness
o A Clue
o Your Face on Mt. Rushmore
o Dream Date
o Electoral Votes
o Ocean Front Property in Arizona
o A Vowel
o Evaporated Water


Google launched Gmail Paper, which promised to search and archive all GMail messages on paper. (Google admitted that this was an April Fool's Day joke on the Gmail Paper Program Policies page.) Google TiSP (beta), is to provide a fiber-optic broadband service through sewerage pipes. Google calendar had an additional day (GooDay, or G'Day in Australia) between Saturday and Sunday.

BMW placed an advertisement in three UK Sunday newspapers, advertising a new text display function in their cars. The claim was that a driver could display messages on the windscreen, reversed so that it could be read by the driver in front...

NASA got in on the fun by showing pictures of the first ever in-space Quidditch match.

PC Magazine published a top ten revolutionary technologies which included a helmet for using the Wii, and a Wi-Fi toothbrush. announced that it is to buy The site will be renamed Ask Kevin. Kevin Federline will be the new CEO.

The BBC website announced "New Sniff-Screen Technology" in their promotions area.


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