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New Record For Longest Concert: 184 Hours

Concert Record

900 musicians performed in a marathon concert lasting 184 hours, showcasing songs from the Beatles to harp music, in what is being described as a small railway station in Hikone city, western Japan.

With no more than a 5 minute break every hour, and a 6.9 earthquake during the concert, they've got themselves into the Guinness Book Of World Records.

They finished the concert at 10 am on Saturday 31st March, 2007.

According to reports on the Associated Press they received a certificate confirming:

"The longest concert by multiple artists was achieved by Kuniko Teramura and friends at Toriimoto Station ... from 23-31 March 2007"

They beat the previous record by 2 hours (set in Canada in 2002.)

During the earthquake the single female pianist refused to stop despite the building shaking violently, according to event organizer Hiroshi Mizutani.


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