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Is BBC Star Signing Bad Language To Kids?

Naughty Signs?

OK here's some sign language for you.

Mr Tumble, a kids TV presenter on the BBC's Something Special, greets deaf preschool children by rubbing the palms of his hands together between his thumb and index finger. He's even smiling from ear to ear when he does it.

It all seems very innocent.

He's saying 'I'm happy to see you', in the Makaton sign language.

Unfortunately, there are different versions of sign language.

The language Mr Tumble is using is one designed for children with learning difficulties.

According to some reports we have seen on the internet, the same sign in British Sign Language, the much more common version of sign language, means

"I'm fucking you!"

It appears that the problem was helpfully brought to the attention of the world's media by an employee of the Royal National Institute for the Deaf (RNID) who claims to have been watching the show with his 5 year-old daughter. She asked him what the sign meant.

Reports are that the RNID had advised the BBC that there could be confusion caused by using Makaton, rather than British Sign Language...



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