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Something Not To Do This Weekend - Setting Fire To Your Genitals...

Penis Prank

With a number of papers and web sites determined to give you ideas what to get up to this weekend, trust us at to come up with an idea not to.

In a story that we have seen, attributed to the Associated Press, two guys were trying to imitate a stunt reportedly seen in the second Jackass movie in which, apparently, a guy sets his genitals on fire.

A 20 year-old man suffered second degree burns to his genitals and hands.

It is reported that the 20 year-old man took down his pants and a 43 year-old man sprayed the 20 year-old's genitals with lighter fuel. Initially the fuel didn't light so he sprayed some more but it went on his clothing too...

When it eventually caught light it wasn't long before the 20 year-old was seen running into the bathroom and into a tub of water. He was then taken to hospital by other guests at the hotel.

The 43 year-old has been charged with felony battery and first-degree reckless endangerment at Eau Claire County Court. has a policy of not naming people in stories before they have been convicted in a court of law.


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