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Students Tested Positive For Drugs At School, Results Blamed On Toothpaste

Drug Dopes
"Honestly sir, I don't take drugs, it's the brand of my toothpaste."

Two students at a school in Brightlingsea, England, have tested positive for drugs, but it was a false reading apparently due to the brand of toothpaste they used. This according to reports we have seen in the Evening Gazette.

One girl tested positive for crystal meth (methamphetamine) in front of all her school friends. Her parents took her to her doctors for a urine test which proved negative.

A boy tested positive for speed (amphetamine) in the same sweep.

The school told reporters that they immediately questioned the results because of the students involved.

The school suspended the drugs testing.

Apparently a leading brand of toothpaste on sale in the UK can give a false reading. The reports we have seen did not say which brand is involved.



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