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"HooHaa Monologues" Will Be Called "Vagina Monologues" After All

Anger Over Vagina in Florida

This is the sort of story that made us decide to do real funny news on this site, you just can't make this stuff up.

Atlantic Theatre in Florida advertised The Vagina Monologues on its roadside display board... a woman driving along with her niece complained.

Apparently the niece asked her auntie what a vagina was.

The aunt was so infuriated that she had to explain what a vagina was to her niece that she complained to the theatre (we are of course assuming the niece was a little girl, this story would be even more astonishing if the niece was, say, 30).

The pussy's (oh shut up we couldn't resist) at the theatre must have fallen over themselves to apologize to the complaining woman that they decided to change the name to The HooHaa Monologues.

If you don't believe us here is the board, thanks to a report on WJXT-TV of Jacksonville:

Atlantic Theatres, Florida
The "HooHaa" Monologues

The theatre must then have had a heated conversation with the producers of the play because, two days later, they put 'Vagina' back on display.

This could of course have been a publicity stunt... ticket sales are expected to be considerably higher than they would have been for this charity benefit performance of Eve Ensler's modern classic...

To see the full video report go here.

How would you explain what a vagina is to your niece? Send us your suggestions.

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