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How To Really Annoy Store Owners, And Save Loads Of Money

Shopping Tips Top Ten

Web site has thought up a list of ten ways to really get one up on shops, and therefore save you a load of money.

These tips might not work everywhere in the world, but it's a nice tip sheet anyway...

We've ordered their list into our own top ten...


We start off with what might seem like penny pinching, but it definitely does save money... Buy all seasonal items out of season - you always get a big discount. Example: You can always get Christmas cards in January for a fraction of their December prices...


Use the web to watch the prices advertised in store on a 30 day price guarantee. The thing is, as the site says, you aren't going to watch the price of "some crap you already bought." But if you notice a price drop on the web, then you can go into the store to get some money off...


When you see offers like buy 2 for $5, just buy 1, unless you really need the extra item. The store is trying to get you to buy too much...


In some parts of the world, the store where you buy a cell phone live to sell you a contract, not the phone.

Buy a phone full price, or buy a used one and get it 'unlocked', and then phone up the cell phone company to activate it (we have no idea how to do this, but it sounds like it just might work...)


If you see a credit offer like 6 months interest free credit, always take the credit option, but pay it off completely on time. You have just borrowed their money for nothing! Perfect.


Stores have loss leading products (generally the ones which have a maximum number of items you can buy.) The store is selling these at a loss (or at least unprofitably) to get you into the store so that you then buy other things. Don't buy the other stuff. Just go in, buy the loss leaders and get outta there! Save a fortune.


Accessories are very expensive in stores, buy them on Ebay, save a fortune.


Open a store credit card to get the discount, and then cut it up.


Browse for items in the store, and then buy it much cheaper online.

This is probably the number one bad thing for stores as they have paid for the store and get nothing in return for it.


Do you really need to buy that extended warranty on electrical goods? Of course, the thing you buy might go wrong, it's just that it probably won't. It's a (small) risk, but you can save a fortune, and you generally get a 12 months free guarantee anyway.

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