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Wife Buys Husband Season Ticket For His Birthday, Surprise?

Manchester United Gaff

According to a report that appeared in The Sun recently, a wife has made one of the funniest and yet heart-in-the-right-place blunders we have heard for a long time...

It must have been one of the best and worst surprises imaginable to a sports supporter.

She apparently bought an expensive season ticket for her husband (and also her young son) and kept them as a surprise for his 40th birthday.

They opened their present 4 months after the season had started, missing 11 games...

The tickets were for Premiership side Manchester United (UK, Soccer/Football) - the adult ticket costs about $1000 (£550).

Supporters near the seats can finally get to meet the holders of the ticket, as the seats had been empty all season to date...


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