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Speed Camera Catches Tractor Going 85mph...

Tractor Trials

England, Wiltshire: A farmer has been sent a speeding ticket for driving his tractor at 85mph.

Steve Crossman received the ticket for an offense caught on a speed camera in Abergarwed, Wales.

But he complained to the speed camera company that the top speed of his tractor is only 26 mph.

Mr Crossman told BBC Wales:

"It's a good tractor, but not that good. It can just about get up to 26mph, but that's downhill, with a following wind and with no trailer on the back. There's no way it could get close to 85mph."

Mr Crossman has since received an apology from The Mid and South Wales Safety Camera Partnership who says they misread a letter on the registration plate on the film.

23 January 2006

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