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Traveling Salesman Donates His Car, With A Million Miles On Clock, To Museum

Salesman Road Champ

According to a report we have seen on CBS News, a traveling salesman from Milwaukee has clocked up 1,001,385 miles in his 1989 Saab 900 SPG.

The car has now been donated to the Wisconsin Automotive Museum.

Saab have apparently verified the mileage.

The car's transmission was rebuilt after 200,000 miles, and he had no less than 8 collisions with deer, so the car had to be repaired for that, but, apart from that, little was replaced.

The owner of the vehicle says that he had taken good care of the car, meticulously following the maintenance instructions.

However, the salesman decided to stop driving the car, which had started to rust, fearing another collision with a deer could prove fatal for him as well as the wildlife...

8th December 2006

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